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Our Favorite Product

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Show horses will need two sheets, a sheet hood, a winter blanket and a sleazy. Royal blue sheets & blankets for the horse shows will be embroidered with the owner's name. For the barn horses will need two sheets, a heavy blanket and a sheet hood.  

Sheets & Blankets

Paul Taylor's provides horse wear at an exceptional value. For the shows each horse should have two sheets, and a winter blanket (seasonal) in royal blue. Sheet hoods are not listed on the website but are available. 


Sleazys in red or royal blue are our favorite. Mesh sleazys are also available for those hot summer shows. We recommend the sleazys that have the larger openings for the eyes. 


Claypool Ranch empowers their horses to be at their best with the supplement, Finish First. Great performances start with healthy horses. Finish First helps treat & prevent ulcers, reduces joint pain, has a natural bronchial dilator, helps boost immune system, has a natural anti-inflammatory and so much more.


We feed and recommend Rowe Nutrition feed. We believe Rowe to be of the best and most consistent quality feed available. 

Show Tack

Quality western show tack, providing the proper fit and style for the show ring; Saddles, Show Halters, Show Pads. We are happy to help you choose appropriate tack to assist you in getting the best value for your dollar. 

Show Clothing

Quality show clothing and proper fit is a must for success in the showring. Just Peachy specializes in designer horse show apparel both new & consignment.

On the Road

We pull and recommend Sundowner Trailers


Rod's is our go to place for supplies and necessities around the barn.

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